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Research Institutions

Research Institutions

1 Institute of Resource-conserving & Environment-friendly Society

2 Institute of Metal Resources Strategy

3 Group Decision-makingand Support Platform Research Center

4 Strategy Research Center for the Rise of Central China

5 Hunan Economic Issues Research Center

6 Hunan SME Research Center

7 Central South University Lu GuDevelopment Strategy Research Center

8 Southern China Securities and Options Research Center

9 SME Development Research Center

10 Logistics Supply Chain and E-Commerce Research Center

11 Financial Innovation Research Center

12 Strategic Planning and Organizational Research Center

13 Marketing Innovation Research Center

14 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Growth Research Center

15 Engineering Managementand Project Evaluation Research Center

16 Empirical Accounting and Modern Auditing Research Center

17 Global Trade and Investment Research Center

18 Real Estate Research Center

19 Regional and Industrial Economy Center

20 HR Research Center

21 Enterprise Culture Research Center

22 China Center for Enterprise Group Research at Central South University

23 Corporate Governance and Capital Operation Research Center

24 Information and Decision-making Research Center

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