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Good News: Two Disciplines of the Business School of Central South University won "A" ratings in the Chinese Discipline Rating of Times Higher Education

2020-07-24 17:04:18

On the afternoon of July 22, Times Higher Education (THE) released the first China Discipline Rating. The new Chinese Subject Rating of Times Higher Education helps Chinese universities to examine the level and performance of sub-disciplines in world universities based on Chinese discipline classification. In this rating, the two disciplines of Management Science and Engineering and Business Administration of Business School of Central South University have received "A" ratings, demonstrating the strong development momentum of our school's Management Science and Engineering and Business Administration in their respective fields!

The performance indicators of the Times Ranking mainly include the following five areas: teaching (learning environment), research (publication, income and reputation), citation (research influence), international perspective (international teachers, students and international co-authors) and industry revenue (knowledge transfer). The rating format is that when the overall score is calculated, each discipline of each university is rated from A+ to C-. These ratings are evenly distributed among the universities participating in the World University Rankings, so the top 11.11% of the universities in a certain discipline get an A+, the next 11.11% get an A, and so on.

The Times discipline rating covers 89 disciplines, which is broader than any other major ranking or rating. The data comes from the 2020 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the 2020 Academic Reputation Survey and the Elsevier Bibliometric Database.

Ranking link:https://www.timeshighereducation.com/cn/ratings/china-subject-ratings/2020

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